Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sega Genesis Codes (A- thru -C)

----All Primary codes are optimized for Gens Emulator.
(While the codes inside { } parenthesis are for Sega Genesis.)

air busters
ffc015:0001 Invincible: on GENS Emulator.
Turn code on when you are blinking,
at the very beginning of the round.
{ffc014 ooo1} for Sega Genesis.

Alex kidd in the enchanted castle
ffdo25:0028 always ride helicopter {ffd0240028}
ffe124:0001 always choose rocks, ALWAYS win at janken
fffe0a:000a start on the final level {FFFE0Boooa}
fffe0a:0003 start on MY favorite level
fffe0a:0005 Jason kicks ass
{fffe24:00ee} {invincible....turn off when necessary- cartridge}
THIS invincible code seems to work well with the Gens emulator
fffe24:0EEE invincible, works best on final level
fffe25:00ee blinking invincible {FFFE24ooee}
fffe27:0008 infinite heli's on reserve {FFFE26ooo8}
all reserve codes must be used when ALEX is not invincible
fffe25:0008 infinite pogo sticks on reserve
fffe28:0008 fire belts
fffe2a:0008 the cape
fffe2b:0008 the bracelet

atcb-0a24 game genie energy. not my code.
It works on GENS though.
(Game Genie codes rarely work on Gens.)
{ff7279oo50} level select menu,
simply press "B" at option.
SORRY. genesis users only.
fff0bd:0000 jump to the sky {cartridge FFF0BFoooo}
{fff0f2:00ff} {totally invincible-cartridge only. sorry}
fff0f3:0010 invincible on GENS.
The Character sometimes blinks slightly
rgjb-y6z8 game genie Codes. lives. Not my code. from Galoob

alisia dragoon
ff0008:000a energy {cartridge FF0009ooo9}
ff0018:0010 invincible {ff0019ooFF}
ff0030:000a energy for the dragon {ff0031oooa}

altered beast
002c58:603e invincible created by datel.
ffb120:0005 lives
FFb126:0005 lives-player 2
ffd02a:0006 weird. always the beast {FFD02Boo6}
fffe14:0004 final level {cartridge FFFE15;0004}
Note--- beast code must be used with level select.

ffc017:009f high jump for charactor 1.
......the grafx are corrupt though.
ffc016;009f {high jump on cartridge AR pro. NO glitches.}
ffb362:00f0 invincible, including spikes {ffb36300f0}
fffb70:0007 lives {fffb71ooo7}

arcade classice
ff01bb:0002 missle command infinite ammo.
switch on at beginning of each level. {ff01baooo2}
ff01c1:0048 +
ff09fe:oooo invincible. centepede.
ff0b5b:0003 lives---for 2 player completion mode
{cartridge FF0b5a0003}
ffob47:0003 lives. regular game {ff0b46ooo3}

ariel--little mermaid
ff8001:0002 start on level 2 {FF8000ooo2}
ff8001:0004 start in Atantis ----
ff8001:0006 start in The cave ----
ff8001:0007 fight the Final boss.
ffa610:0026 health {ffa60f0026}
sound is corrupt on Gens

ff1802:0000 invincible {ff1803 oooo}
ffc066:0006 final level {ffc067 ooo6}

asterix and great rescue-
These codes do not work on the sega genesis.
They only work on the GENS emulator
ffaac6:0003 lives
ffaace:0003 infinite mega float
ffaad0:0005 weapons
ffaad2:0004 infinite clouds
ffaad4:0002 weird, charactor becomes flowers
ffaac8:0005 ENERGY
ffabae:0009 time
ffac32:0002 invincible

Alien 3
5DXA-D93N game genie jump
ADEA-CAGJ GG turbine fans don't hurt
AMDA-CA4J GG long falls don't hurt
ff0812:0004 begin on level 4, must die once
ff0810:0000 hostages collected
ff0844:0050 machine gun ammo
ff0848:0008 mortars
ff084a:0004 grenades
ff0866:0050 time
ff090a:0006 lives

atomic runner
ffc322:0008 lives {ffc323ooo4}
ffc324:0001 invincible

ffdd1b:0010 mega jumps {FFDD1A oo1o}

awesome possum
ffe8dc:0009 energy {ffe8dd 0009}
ffe8f7:0006 lives {ffe8f6ooo9}


ff9441:0000 infinite strikes {FF9440oooo}
ff9440:0003 walk on 1 ball, instead of 4
ffe500:0000 REMOVE THE ANNOYING MUSIC {ffe503oooo}

baseball-cal ripken
ffd3be:0009 start in 9th inning
ffd8ff:0003 power line-up, always 3th batter {ffd900ooo3}
ffd3ba:0000 infinite strikes {ffd3bb oooo}
ffd8ff:0002 try this power line up code

ffff24:0003 3 ball count
ffff26:0000 strikes
ffff2a:0003 power line up {ffff2b 0003}
ffffbc:0013 start in the 13th inning {ffffbd 0013}
{fffc5c ooo1 all hits are home runs,
sorry, cartridge users only}
ffff2c:0008 computer has weak line-up {ffff2d ooo8}

baseball- hardball 3
Sorry Genesis users only.
{ff2e9booff no 1st baseman:
all codes, genesis users only
{ff2ed9ooo1 no 2nd baseman
{ff2f17ooo1 no shortstop
{ff300fooff leftfielder hangs out at 3rd base
{ff2fd200ff centerfielder doesn't move
{ff2f93ooff no rightfielder
{ff2f5500ff no 3rd baseman
{ff2f92ooff rightfielder is a blob.
{ff2ed9oofo + ff2f17ooff Midgets
Note: you must play as the home team

note: you must play as the visiting team
ff3d58:0000 the shortstop does not move
ff3cc4:0000 the 3rd baseman is not there
ff3c33:0000 second baseman is not there
ff3b9c:00f0 1st baseman cannot go into fair territory

baseball--RBI 3
ff08af:0003 ball count 3
ff0a19:00c0 NO second baseman {ff0a18 00c0}
ff0ef5:0007 seventh inning
ff4c02:0000 strikes
ff4c0c:0000 YOU always bat, both halves of innings
ff09f6:00c0 NO 1st baseman
ff0a3a:00c0 remove the 3rd baseman {ff0a39 00c0}
ff0a61:00ff remove the shortstop {ff0a60 00ff}
ff0a7e:00d0 no left feilder {ff0a7d 00d0}
ff0aa0:00d0 no centerfielder {ffoa9f 00d0}
hey, don't get greedy, just pick 1 code. okay? ha ha.

RBI 93
ff0efd:0005 no 1st baseman
ff0f24:00ee no 2nd baseman
ff0f4c:00ff no 3rd baseman
ff0f74:00ee no shortstop {ff0f75 00ff}
ff0f9c:00ee no leftfielder {ff0f9d ooee}
ff0fc4:00ee no centerfielder {ff0fc5 00ee}

baseball RBI 94
ffd32c:0003 always 4th batter
ffd375:0000 strikes {ffd377 oooo}
ffd377:0000 weird--infinite outs

baseball--sportstalk baseball
ffc40e:0001 motionless shortstop {ffc40e 0000}
ffc40e:0000 non-effective shortstop
ffc40f:0000 shortstop COMPLETELY non effective
fff034:0000 infinite strikes
fff048:0001 you ALWAYS bat, Innings DO increase.
note: you must choose fielder at options
fff04d:000f start game with a sizeable lead
fff04f:0008 9th inning {fff04e:0008}
fff2c5:001f start a 30 game season just 1 win from
world series. {fff2c4 001f}
fff1f0:0003 only 1 win is needed to be world
champions.. and it's a nice ending too.
season codes tested with new york Mets.
Note: these codes do not work on the game wizard.

ffcaac:0010 shortstop throws ball slowly, and
he can't catch flys
ffcaa4:0010 1st baseman throws slowly
ffcaa8:0010 2nd baseman throws slowly
ffcab4:0010 easy to steal bases on catcher
ffcab8:0010 pitcher doesn't hold runners very well
ffcabc:0010 right fielder throws slowly
ffcaco:0010 centerfielder throws slowly
ffcac4:0010 left fielder throws slowly.
Note: change suffix digits to change your results.\
example: ffcaac:0020 shortstop throws VERY slow
ffcaac:0040 shortstop throws TOO slow

baseball---tommy lasorda
ffe0a0:0002 INCREDIBLE--the ball lingers whenever
being thrown to a base. {FFE0A1 ooo2}
ffeoao:000 weird,ball hovers in air for very long time
ffe124:0008 ninth inning {ffe125 0008}
ffe126:0000 strikes
ffe132:005f start with sizeable lead {FFE133 005f}
ffff8c:002a start in the WORLD SERIES {ffff8d 002a}
ffffaa:0004 start with 4 wins in the world series
{ffffAB 0004}

baseball --world series
ffa35a:0002 power line up... always 4th batter{ffa35b}

baseball---world series 95
ffe522:0000 always the 1st batter {ffe523 0000}

baseball---world series 98
ffa382:0000 strikes {ffa383 oooo}
ffa383:0003 ball count 3. {ffa382 ooo3}

batman in gothem city 010162:6008 (borrowed)

batman returns
fffe4c:0002 blinks. weird. invinc. {fffe4d ooo2}
fffcc7:0002 infinite glide power {fffcc8 ooo2}
fffe30:002c Energy
fffe35:0008 ammo {fffe34 ooo8}

batman--revenge of joker
ff3ff7:0009 energy {FF3ff6 ooo9}
ff5d11:0008 lives
ff6046:00ff invincible {ff6047:00ff}
ff9787:0007 weapons

ffe005:00ee invincibility {ffe004 ooee}
note-invincibility can actually hurt you at times.
ffe006:0010 energy {ffe007 oo10}
ffe03c:0001 jump alittle higher {ffe03d ooo1}
ffe047:0009 lives {ffe046 ooo9}
ffe040:0003 mega punch, just 4 fun
fffe40:0010 final level {FFFE41 oo1o}
ffe03f:0001 check this out.....Multi-jumps

beauty and beast--roar of beast
ff2896:00ff energy
ff28a0:0003 roars
ff2894:0008 lives

beauty beast--belles quest
ff070e:0008 lives {ff070f ooo8}
ff070d:0038 energy {ff070c 0038}
ff3fb6:0010 N.G. blinks, invincible

beavis and butthead
{ff9d04:0080 invincible, sorry, cartridge users only}
ffaeea:001a health for blonde dude {ffaeeb:001a}

berenstein bears
ffa1a3:0009 lives {ffa1a6 ooo9}
ffaeda:0006 energy {ffaeDB ooo6}

beyond oasis.. a.k.a. story of thor.
ff1a73:00d0 energy {same on cartridge}
ffa175:0050 magic
ff0d8b:0008 start with metal bow (6-bow, 7-fire bow,4-death sword}
ff0d8d:0003 start with broad sword (9-bomb)
ff0d91:001d bow call (1e-cheese, 1f-fish, 1c-shadow call)
ff0d89:0005 omega sword
ff0d8f:0002 regular sword
ffod93:000f green key
ffod95:000e blue key
ffod97:000d red key
ffod99:0010 wood key
ffod9b:0011 heart reserves
ffod9d:0012 water gem
ffod9f:0013 fire stone
ffoda1:0014 shadow stone
ffoda3:0015 wood stone
ffoda5:0016 h.p. necklace
ff0da7:0017 booster
ff0da9:0018 ring of healing
ffodab:0019 special chalace
ffodaf:001b calling cube

bio-hazard duo
ffa60C:00F2 invincible {ffA60d oof2}
fff227:00FF LEVEL SELECT MENU ! {fff226 ooff}
fff25b:0004 +
fff25d:0004 infinite lives {fff25c ooo4-fff25e ooo4}

blaster master 2
ff00ba:0007 lives {ff00bd:0001}
ff00dc:0007 mega fire power {ff00dd ooo3}
ff0506:0010 INVINCIBLE {ff0509:0010}
ff1c28:0002 mystery code {ff1c2b ooo2}

ffcb32:0006 infinite helicopters when you press "C" button
{ffcb33 ooo6}
ffcb3c:0010 super weapon (must retreive it, press start to pause)
ffcb72:0007 lives {ffcb73 0007}
ffcc05:1240 energy {ffcc07:0020}

bonanza bros.
ff56bf:00ff invincible PL 1
ff5769:00ff invincible pl 2

ff8737:0010 always have gum in the driving scene {ff8736 oo10}
ff8b34:0064 energy {ff8b35 oo64}
ff892a:0010 invinite time, mr. big scene {ff892b 0010}
ff8b94:0007 lives {ff8b95 0005}

ff023d:0005 infinite throw weapons {ff023c ooo5}
ff023f:0005 burp {ff023e ooo5}
ff1a3f:0002 energy
ff022f:0007 lives {ff022e 0007}
ff0249:00ff INVINCIBLE

bubba -n- stix
Important note- these codes for bubba and stix work only
on Gens Roms -they do not work on the Cartridge
ffc482:0008 lives
ffc484:0006 energy

bubble and squeek
ffa084:0010 Multi-jumps {ffa085 oo10}
ffb7ff:0000 jump alittle higher {ffb7fe oooo}
ff9c79:00ff invincible {ff9c78 oo10}
ffa086:0000 breathe underwater forever !!!!! {ffa087 0000}
ffa0ae:0000 squeek breathes underwater forever ! {ffa0af oooo}

bugs bunny double trouble note: i believe that this game only
works on GENS version 190 or higher.
it works fine on genesis too.
ff037a:00f0 invincible-he glitters
ff037b:00f0 invincible
ff00fe:0006 lives {ff00ff ooo6}
ff0101:0009 {levels} sorry, ar pro cartridge users only.

ff0090:0002 invincible, blinks though. {ff0091 ooo2}
note: press "A" at title to enter password screen, then press right
when you are on enter password. thanks.

bubsy 2
ff0400:0009 lives {ff0401 ooo5}
ff1b75:0003 energy {ff1b74 ooo3}

burning force
ff8037:ffff blinks invincible {ff8037 oooo- cartridge,doesn't blink}
ff8039 0001 {sorry, cartridge only,,,,,invinc. type 2}
ff803e:0003 energy {ff803f ooo3}


ff0e50:0099 energy for fighter
ff0e56:0099 energy for wizard mage

caliber 50
ff9920:0001 invincible {ff9921 ooo1}
ff9928:000a energy {ff9929 oooa}
ff9969:0008 lives {ff9968 0003}

cal ripken
ffd3be:0009 start in 9th inning
ffd8ff:0003 power line-up, always 3th batter {ffd900ooo3}
ffd3ba:0000 infinite strikes {ffd3bb oooo}
ffd8ff:0002 try this power line up code

capt america and avengers
ff9e80:0007 continues....blah!
ff9f56:0008 continues pl. 2

castlevania bloodlines
ff9cc9:0001 invincible after 1st hit. {ff9cc9 ooo1}
ff9efd:0010 multi-jumps {ff9efc:0010}
note: on GENS, this code can cause strange effects
when changing scenes. it works fine on genesis.

fff403:0001 jump until you release the button {FFF405 ooo1}
fff447:0255 invincible {fff446:00ff}
ffff42:001b start at final scene {ffff43:001b}
ffff42:0005 level 2
0009 level 3
000d level 4
0017 level 5

ffc0d1:000c energy {ffcodo oooc}

championship pro am
ff02ff:0009 start on level 11
ff0655:0050 weird, always drive 80 mph
ff067f:0000 green car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06a9:oooo yellow car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06d3:0000 blue car DOES NOT MOVE
ff06fd:0000 SILVER car does not move
ff0727:0000 Purple car Does Not move
ff056f:0007 infinite rockets
these Championship pro am codes do not work on
genesis cartidges, ***the codes only work on GEN emulator.

chester cheetah in wild wild quest
ff103b:00ff invincibility {i believe, it is same on cart.}

chester cheetah too cool to fool
Note: i haven't gotten around to convert these codes yet
fff81e 0005 {energy-cartridge}
fff9bf 0008 {lives-cartridge}
ffb3fd 0005 {chalace-cartridge }

chiki chike boys
ffaf14:0010 invincible, bnut he blinks {ffaf15 oo10}
ff9ee0:0020 energy {ff9ee1 0020}

chuck rock
ff0656:00ff invincible {ff0657 00ff}
ff06d0:0007 lives {ff06d1 0007}
ff06d4:0007 energy {ff06d5 0007}
ff0145 0001 {cartridge only: level skip, simply press start}

chuck rock: son of chuck
note: these codes only work with the GENS emulator !!!!
....Not on Cartridges
ff0a84:0004 energy
ff0a94:0003 lives
level skip, press pause, then, b,a,right, a,c,up,down,a, then pause
again, HOLD "A" and press right.

ffc82e:0000 never speed up {ffc82f oooo}

combat cars
ff0f46:0001 always 1st place {ff0f47 ooo1}
ff10d4:0006 infinite time.

comix zone game genie

Contra hard corps
ffd758:0001 invincible {ffd759 0001}
ffd7d8:0001 invincible player 2 {ffd7d9 0001}
fffa10:0009 bombs {fffa11 0009}
fffa30:0009 bombs pl. 2 {fffa31 0009}

combat cars (if I'm not mistaken, this game is also called Fun car rally)
ff0f46:0001 1st place {ff0f47 ooo1}
ff10d4:0006 infinite time. and you don't need to switch off

cool spot
ff0771:0001 energy
fff513:0000 mega jumps {fff512 oooo}
fff57f:00ff {cartridge only, invincible --doesn't blink either.}
ff0003:00cc {cartridge users only-press start to advance levels}
ff078b:0039 get cool points fast {ff078a 0039}

cosmic spacehead
ffb1e4:0000 invincible {ffb1e5 oooo}
ffb1e9:0001 multi-jumps {ffb1e8 oooo}
ffb040:0001 start with linoville key
ffb03f:0001 start with helium balloon
ffb03e:0001 lino town telekey
ffb041:0001 dodge city telekey (can't mix codes)
ffb03b:0032 {money--cartridge only}

ff2093 ooo4 + ff2293 0005 {lives and ammo-cartridge only}
ffe16c:0010 invincible {ffe16d ooo2}

crash dummies
ff0bf6:0002 invincible {cartridge FF0bf7 ooo1}

cross fire
ff041a:0240 invincible {ff041a:00ff}
note: should not press "b" button

Crue ball
ff8438:0006 start on final level {ff8439 ooo6}


(A to C)

(D to F)

(G to J)

(K-to O)


(T to-Z)

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